Top places in Kuala Lumpur -What to do, where to eat, where to stay with your family

Have you been to Kuala Lumpur (KL) yet? For my family it’s one of the best cities to visit and live in! Located in the heart of Malaysia, one of the top countries in South-East Asia, KL provides travellers with a safe space to re-discover themselves through nature and to enjoy all the good food there is that South-East Asia can offer!

For those looking for a longer adventure or expats, KL offers multiple things to do and a friendly environment, making it easy for many to adapt.
Many travellers come to Asia and often worry about where to stay.

Is it safe? Is it comfortable? Fortunately, cities like KL and Singapore are not only safe and super comfortable, they provide people with the opportunity to embrace life to the fullest and do so much!

From the shopping to the many exciting activities in the city, KL has it all.

KL has the adventure that many young travellers are looking for in their next adrenaline rush. These include activities such as jumping off KL’s tower dome or doing some white-water rafting on a jungle river at Kuala Kubu Bahru.

For those travelling with family, KL offers a wide range of family activities to do such as visiting Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall, visiting Sunway Lagoon Park or visiting Petrosains Discovery Center. The list goes on!

So good, you could stay forever

Given that I myself kept extending our stay here after leaving Germany to travel the world, I understand what it is like to experience KL from an outsider’s perspective. I came here with my family not too long ago, and my kids never want to leave KL! They have simply fallen in love with the city! From the food at Jalan Alor, KL Street Food to the many facilities and theme parks built for children, they are always having something to look forward to!

Being a mother, I can only highly recommend KL as a great city to visit/settle for a family with kids. It is a safe place and the children will always be entertained with things that make them learn, grow and play!
So let’s cover the top things for you to do as a family in KL:

Berjaya Time Square Shopping Mall

Berjaya Time Square Shopping Mall comes with an indoor theme park, also named to be the largest indoor theme park in KL. The shopping mall has a huge variety of retail shops, from apparel to household appliances to high-end fashion. It also boasts to have many cafes and restaurant, perfect for rest and relax. The theme park is filled with rides for children of all ages, and it is safe. This is best place to come with your family as there is something for everyone!

Petrosains Discovery Centre

This permits for a visit to the Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s current highest standing twin towers. Located on the fourth floor of the towers, this provides everyone with an opportunity to explore the science and technology behind the petroleum industry in Malaysia through a fun and interactive way. This is the perfect place to bring your kids as they can learn about science and technology through exhibits such as the Petrojaya. There are also children-friendly rides in the Discovery Centre such as the Dark Ride at Petrosains, which reflects Malaysia’s transformation into the new millennium through its natural resources. It is a great way to spend the day with the family!

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is a great theme park located near KL. It is a short drive away. Visiting Sunway is a perfect way to spend the day with kids, as there are six different themed lands in the theme park, each with multiple attractions. The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon has been one of its recently added features, which has been popular amongst children, especially mine. Be sure to bring your little ones there. Take the opportunity to enjoy the wave pool too!

Where to stay

While travellers who are young often prefer to stay in hostels around the city, many couples, business travelers and families would avoid such situations as they prefer places with more amenities for children and the themselves. Good hotels tend to be very expensive, as many hotel owners are aware of how popular the city is and it can be tough to find something environmentally-friendly around the city centre.

AirBnB, an online market place for arranging lodging and accommodation, is a great way to arrange for a place to stay at during your trip at KL as a family. Given that KL is a popular tourist destination, securing an AirBnB booking can be tough. So book early in order to avoid disappointment and if you’re new to AirBnB use this link for a nice discount!

How about a little extra?

Falling in love with this city and keeping our mission to offer safe spaces and an environment that is beyond beautiful, we created the first Spititual Executive Suite in the heart of KL. We have a place in one of the top condominiums in KL, alongside with a nice skydeck, jacuzzi, Olympic size infinity pool, sauna, gym and a putting green. Our condominium is located near the Jalan Alor food court, making it easy for takeaways.

The best part? We have created this place especially for you. and you can book it on AirBnB and enjoy all the extras no other accommodation in KL has to offer!

We have rented it out using AirBnB to many international travelers coming to KL and they all had one thing to say: Perfect! They loved the city and loved how easy it was to interact with the city from the convenience of our lovely home. For our efforts we got honored with the Superhost status (top 2%). So if you are ever looking for a place to stay when you are visiting this dynamic South-East Asian city, feel free to contact me and let’s arrange something for you and your loved ones!

Where to eat authentic Malaysian cuisine

With things to do and accommodation planned, here are the top places I would recommend for you to visit as a family for some scrumptious, authentic Malaysian cuisine:

Lai Foong Restaurant on Petaling Street

Lai Food Restaurant serves up the best local street food in the restaurant by adopting the concept of a collection of multiple hawker-style stalls in the restaurant. The result? You and your family get to enjoy the convenience of amazing street food at one spot!

Madam Kwan’s Street Food

Madam Kwan has authentic dishes of Malaysian street food, from rice to noodle dishes. Serving up delicious meals since 1977, it is one of the best places to visit with your family during your travels to KL And you can find it everywhere all over the city.

Jalan Alor Night Food Court

This place comes to life at night, and has the best variety of local street food KL has to offer. From noodle soup to handmade authentic local drinks, hawker owners come at 5pm to set-up stall to serve up the best dinner the city has seen. It ranks one of the top places to enjoy local street food, and it is safe and clean. A perfect dinner location for you and your family!

KL has ranked one of the best tourist destinations in Asia with its intense variety of food and things to do. If you are looking for a family holiday, KL should be your top choice. Being at the heart of South East Asia, it is easy to travel to once you are in Asia. If you would like to speak about your trip or have any questions about experiencing KL as your holiday destination, feel free to drop me a message.

A world of adventure awaits for you at Malaysia, truly Asia!

What are you waiting for?

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