4 unconventional Meditation techniques and how they can change your life

The benefits of meditation and the different meditation techniques

The concept of meditation has acquired a huge popularity in the present world. It is an ancient concept, but people seem to be practicing it even more in the 21st century.

Meditation, if practiced on a regular basis is said to benefit not only your mental health, but physically you will enjoy optimal health as well. Your mind, heart and body can improve with regular meditation.

Benefits of meditation in perspective to physical health

When you practice meditation, your body undergoes a transformation and every cell present gets filled with more energy. As such, peace, joy and positivity also gets enhanced. What are the essential physical benefits of meditation that one can experience? Let us have a look at them.

  • Reduction or elimination in anxiety attacks
  • Your immune system gets improved
  • The high blood pressure also gets reduced
  • The Serotonin production increases and thus your mood and behavior are also positive in nature
  • Since you acquire the inner source of energy, the total energy in your body also increases
  • Tension related pain like headaches, joint ache, ulcers, insomnia, muscle pain etc also gets eliminated

Psychological advantages of doing meditation every day

Meditation promotes an alpha state of the brain, which is known to encourage mental healing. You gain more emotional stability, calmness, and peace of mind whenever you are overwhelmed or emotionally bothered. With the regular practice of meditation, you can gain the following mental benefits.

  • Your overall emotional stability or balance enhances
  • There is a decrease in anxiety and stress
  • You have a clarity of mind and thus can concentrate on every work you undertake
  • Problems have solutions and thus your productivity doesn’t get hampered
  • There is an increase in creativity and innovation
  • You are perfect in everything, since your mind is not troubled with anxiety, stress, tension or anger and frustration
  • You are a happier person
  • You are more conscious with the things happening around you since your brain becomes sharp
  • Losing weight and obtaining an ideal body weight is definitely a matter of great challenge. There are so many individuals all across the globe struggling with excessive body weight. They spend long hours in the gym and also maintain a strict meal plan. There are few who also seek the help of pills and other artificial methods to lose weight.

Try out meditation for weight loss

Is it effective and really helpful? The answer might vary from one individual to the other. But in case you are struggling with your bulky figure and want to lose the extra fat from your body, meditation is one such natural remedy or resolution that you must give it a try. The technique that was solely practiced in the Asian region is a popular and well appreciated stress buster and weight loss technique worldwide today.

Stress and anxiety is the primary cause of weight gain

Crossed legs, eyes closed and in a sitting position is the way we meditate. How can this position help in losing weight? How are we going to burn the calories? But it has been proved that meditation is one of the most powerful tools for weight loss. Meditation helps you to clear your mind from the unnecessary thoughts that can be sometimes quite destructive and harmful leading to stress and anxiety.

You must be well aware of the fact that mental anxiety and stress can act as a catalyst in weight gain. When we are stressed or depressed, we tend to indulge into bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and even over-eating. All these can render to gain in weight. When you meditate regularly, your mind is relaxed and you discover your inner self helping you to burn calories and lose weight easily.

Proper breathing technique is necessary in meditation

Meditation is all about the connection between your mind and body. The release of cortisol, the hormone that elevates gain in weight is controlled with regular meditation practice. Furthermore, the breathing technique used during meditation is an important aspect to consider. You need to carry out the right breathing or else you won’t be able to utilize the benefits of meditation in weight loss. Proper breathing process is helpful in shedding off the extra body weight.

If you are one of those who have not experienced the physical as well as emotional benefits of meditation, it can be quite a boring practice of sitting still and executing the breathing exercise seriously. This very notion of meditation is not always the reality. There are certain unique, lesser known meditation techniques that can be equally rewarding.

Let us have a look at them.

Crystal meditation

The potential of the different colored stones is one of the highlighting aspects of the crystal meditation. The clear stones are used to gather a higher level of consciousness. Moreover, blue is a calming color which is used to help clear your mind and body completely.

Laughter meditation

There is a host of studies that suggest that laughter can help eliminate stress and anxiety and heighten the mood. How about incorporating laughter in your meditation practice and act as a catalyst in the state of happiness.

Gazing meditation

Gazing meditation or Trataka is the practice of gazing at a physical object in order to increase your focus. The object can be literally anything, and all you need to do is gazing at it for a few seconds while you are focusing inner thoughts.

Journey meditation

Journey meditation has emerged as a new way of distressing your stress and anxiety of daily life by transporting your mind completely to a different zone. In this meditation you have to visualize the things you want to experience and transport to a totally different world.

Practice meditation in accordance to your comfort level

The best part about meditation is that there is no set of rules and regulations mentioned for practicing the process. It is completely up to you how to carry it out, in accordance to your comfort level and convenience. If you explore the market, you will come across several sources in the form of books, DVDs and online videos that can motivate you to take up meditation and practice it daily. The primary motive of meditation is to relax your body and mind from the every day stress and anxiety.

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